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8mm / 16 mm Films to DVD or Flash Drive 

Q&A and Price List

How much does it cost to transfer my reel to a digital?


Please refer to the price list at the bottom of this page. 

If you find a lower price - we will provide it to you.

Call us for this week discount or promotion (505) 881-7878

Which format is better for me? DVD or Flash Drive?

You choose which way you’d like to receive your digitized tapes upon check-in.

- If you have a flat-screen TV, we recommend putting your digital files on a thumb (or flash) drive. It has better quality than DVD.

In this way, you can instantly start watching them on your TV, share with others, upload on your phone.

- If you don't have flat TV but a DVD player, we recommend transferring your tapes to DVD. You would able to watch them on DVD Player or computer.

If you need more then one DVD to share  -  every additional DVD copy is only $6.50

(Jewel case and a printed label are included)


Will you fix my film if it is broken? 

Yes, there is no charge for the first 3 splicings.

If there are more, we charge $3.00 per repaired splice.

We reserve the right to refuse to repair some specific tape damages like mold or other substances since they are harmful to our equipment. 

What is turn around time? 

For orders smaller then 10 tapes, the turn around time is usually 3-4 days.

1-2 weeks for large orders.

Please note: we charge 20% extra or $10.00 (whatever is larger) rush fee for orders that are processed the same day.

Can you combine reels to produce fewer DVDs? 

Yes, each DVD accommodates 2 hours of video (without compromising quality).

We will optimize to fit your reels on DVD in chronological order or order you provide.

Please number your reels in chronological order if it matters. 

It will save our time and your money. 

Will I receive my original tapes back? 

Yes, absolutely. You will receive all your original recorded moments back, along with perfectly preserved copies on flash drive or DVD. 

8mm & 16mm FILMS
to DVD or Flash Drive

Per your request, we combine several films to one DVD in the best optimal way for an additional charge.  

Our professional technology and years of experience will give you the most economical, quality product and care you can find.

We care about your home movies.

8mm Films Transferring :

3” Reel (50 feet) ............................... $7.50*  

5” Reel (200 feet) ............................. $22.00*

6" Reel (300 feet) ............................. $33.00*

7" Reel (400 feet) ............................ $ 44.00*

* No sound


We charge set up fee................... $25.00 **

** Setup fees include: 

  • Film title
  • Editing of brightness/contrast
  • Color correction
  • Cutting out deffects 
  • 3 films breaks repair

16 mm Films Transferring 

16 mm w/o sound ........................ 13 cents/feet

16 mm w/sound ........................... 16 cents/feet

Copy of DVD ................................. $6.50*

Music on background ................ $10.00/per project

Tamplate design on DVD case ...... $6.00/per DVD

Custom design on DVD case ....... $12.00/per DVD

*   Icludes labeling and clear DVD case.  Discounts are applied for multiple reels

**   Includes title, basic editing and color correction

We will transfer them to DVD and you will get  the originals back to you safely, along with your DVDs.


We will glad to assist you: (505) 881-7878


  • Customer Service, Quality, Timeliness.

    "I was pleasantly surprised to have the work done while I waited, I have been coming to the Video Factory for several years now. I do appreciate the high quality and excellent customer service. Thank you!”

    Donald S.
    Allbuquerque, NM
  • "Thank you for the wonderful job. I could not be happier. Without your skills, it would not have been possible to provide copies of the program. My wife and I are extremely grateful with the professionalism of your company.
    Converting the tapes so quickly.
    Such a great service!
    Could you also thank the lady at Video Factory. She was so helpful and made the process as easy as can be.
    Thank you very much.
    With all our gratitude."

    John and Viki
    Albuquerque, NM
  • "I had a great experience at Video Factory. I have used Costco to transfer my old videos to DVD but this company is so much better. Better quality and turn around time. And they are local. I have all my reels redone with Video Factory. They gave me a good discount. They are quick and efficient and their attention to detail is great. I will not go anywhere else from now on."

    Jim K.
    Albuqueuruque, NM

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